Thursday, March 26, 2015

New Release!

Fate with a Helping Hand Book 4

A little thing called desperation had Zoey Preston under the gun. She had two choices, find a job that would help pay enough for her to stay in Boston...or face moving back to the country to a house full of family and various animals. The last thing on her mind was love...until she meets the devastatingly handsome surgeon Marcus Drake. He's like her lucky charm. He's nothing like any of the doctors she's ever met. He drives a Harley and has a thing for Irish music. Too bad she's leaving town.

Hard work never bothered Marcus until the night he returned home after a bad day and realized there was nothing there for him. At a crossroad in his life, he decides it's time to make a change. Then he meets Zoey Preston. The green-eyed girl who can't stand the sight of blood is nothing like the woman he'd imagined would one day be his wife. But he soon realizes, she's is everything he wants...for life.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cover Reveal! THE GIFT by Lisa Mondello

THE GIFT, a short story by Lisa Mondello

Allison Jones knows what it's like to want.  Or rather, she did.  She'd spent the first few years of her life being shifted from one foster home to another, never really finding that special place to make her feel home. When she finds a small envelope on the ground on a side street in Boston, and opens it, her heart plummets.  She recognizes the description of the contents and knows what it will mean to the little girl if the promise of this gift is not fulfilled. But when the CEO of Holden Industries, Derek Holden, accuses her of stealing the money inside the envelope, she's determined to go the distance and not only fulfill the gift herself, but to prove to the dashingly handsome millionaire that there is more to life than just money.

The day his family lost their fortune and his world fell apart, Derek Holden swore he'd make his family fortune back.  All good things in life came with sacrifice and hard work and he wasn't afraid of it. He'd built a financial empire all on his own and didn't need the simple conventions of life...until he met Allison Jones.  The incredibly sweet designer with beautiful hair flowing down her back was much more than he'd originally thought when he'd accused her of stealing the money from the envelope he'd given the courier earlier that day.  He'd intended the money to be a small donation to a local charity event.  But he soon learned that a bank account full of money was no match for a heart full of love...and there was only one special woman who could teach him.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

kboards: "His Heart for the Trusting" - western romance fro...

Today on kboards: "His Heart for the Trusting" - western romance fro...: His Heart for the Trusting (Book 2 - Texas Hearts (Contemporary Western Romance) , by Lisa Mondello "It was exciting to revisit the...

I'm excited that Kindle Boards is sponsoring HIS HEART FOR THE TRUSTING.  It's one of my favorite books in the TEXAS HEARTS series.  Check out the excerpt on Kindle Boards.